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Speedway to Hell

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Carrera Hybrid - Speedway to Hell

Where the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds become blurred!


The Carrera Hybrid - Speedway to Hell set takes the remote-controlled racing game to a new level. On a 6.09-meter track, players will experience a dynamic and challenging racing environment. At the heart of this exciting game are the detailed models of the Porsche 911 GT3 R, which not only impress with their impressive looks, but also with their realistic handling. This set is ideal for those looking for a realistic and interactive racing game experience that emphasizes skill and quick reactions. 

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Revolutionary Racing Fun: The Speedway to Hell

Embark on a new era of racing!


The Carrera Hybrid - Speedway to Hell Set brings a groundbreaking innovation to your racing experience. Included in this set are two detailed Porsche 911 GT3 R models, "Greenoo" and "Grello", which open up a new dimension of racing for you. The track configuration includes a start/finish straight, four straight track sections, eight right-hand corners and two left-hand corners, allowing for a challenging and varied driving experience. With the included USB-C charging cables, the vehicles remain ready for use. This set offers a perfect combination of modern technology and classic racing pleasure.

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Porsche 911 GT3 R



Experience speed and style to perfection!


The Carrera Hybrid - Porsche 911 GT3 R "Greeno" represents the legendary Porsche brand on a scale of 1:50. This green model is not only a visual highlight, but also impresses with its true-to-life driving characteristics. With its scale-tuned speed and authentic cornering, the "Greeno" offers a realistic racing feel. The battery lasts for around 30 minutes with a charging time of only 20 minutes, so you can enjoy plenty of racing fun. The Porsche 911 GT3 R "Greeno" combines tradition and innovation, making it a must-have for every racing enthusiast and Porsche lover.

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Porsche 911 GT3 R



A yellow flash on the track!


In the Carrera Hybrid - Speedway to Hell Set, the Porsche 911 GT3 R "Grello" immediately catches the eye with its bright yellow. As a 1:50 scale model, the "Grello" embodies the powerful dynamism of the Porsche brand. This vehicle offers realistic speed and authentic handling adapted to scale. With a fast charging time of only 20 minutes and a battery life of about 30 minutes, the "Grello" promises long-lasting racing fun. This model pays homage to Porsche's technological innovation and timeless design, ideal for motorsport fans looking for exciting and realistic racing fun.

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Flexible control via app

The heart of the Carrera Hybrid!


With a specially developed app available free of charge for smartphones and tablets, the set offers an intuitive and versatile control option. This app makes it possible to customize each vehicle individually – from speed to tire grip to braking effect. In addition, true-to-the-original engine sounds enrich the racing feeling. An innovative feature is the automatic return of the vehicles to the track should they leave it. Of course, it is also possible to let the cars drive freely outside the race track. The app also integrates gameplay elements by allowing you to unlock new difficulty levels, making the Carrera Hybrid - Speedway to Hell suitable for technology lovers and racing game enthusiasts alike.

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Speedway to Hell: Your Racing Arena

Create races that make history!


The race track in the Carrera Hybrid - Speedway to Hell Set offers an impressive length of 6.09 meters and can be set up on an area of 250 cm x 172 cm, for example. This track allows for a versatile and realistic racing game experience by allowing players to create a wide variety of racing scenarios and challenges. The combination of straight track sections and corners provides the perfect basis for dynamic and exciting races where skill and strategy are required in equal measure. This circuit is more than just a track – it's a stage for racing adventures and tactical skills.

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    Product description
    • "Speedway to Hell"
    • Carrera Hybrid
    • Scale 1:50
    • Ages 12 and up


    Carrera Hybrid – the perfect combination of gaming and racing fun, because the vehicles can race completely freely over the road at full throttle. AI support allows for a realistic driving experience in different driving modes. Experience true-to-the-original vehicles with front and rear lights, controlled via a free app. With automatic track detection, individual settings and authentic engine sound, Carrera Hybrid offers a unique racing experience. Plus, discover new vehicles for even more racing action!

    • Free travel for up to 30 riders at the same time on one track. Race sessions with up to 16 players.
    • Online Remote Play
    • True-to-the-original vehicles on a scale of 1:50 and extra-wide roadway.
    • Control via free app for smartphone or tablet
    • Free driving on and off the road and overtaking at any point
    • Individual settings of speed, tire grip, braking effect and much more!
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