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    Product description
  • Replacement charging cable for your RC vehicle Red Fibre

  • For Red Fibre(370183002), Power Machine (370183005)

  • Charger 8.4V 1000mAH

  • Package contents: 1 piece

  • Give your Red Fibre the new boost it needs with 8.4 V

    To supply your RC Stunt Car with new power when your old charger cable is broken or lost, you will need this charger cable. With a power supply it is important to pay attention to the correct voltage (V). This model is 8.4 V. The milliampere-hour (mAH) unit represents the amount of charge that can flow through the device and conductor within one hour. With this mains plug it is 1000 mA. And, of course, safety has also been taken into account with this device. It has CE and GS marking, is certified by TÜV Rheinland and has protective insulation. The crossed out dustbin indicates that an old plug-in power supply may not be disposed of with household waste according to the Electronic Scrap Ordinance. Please only use the device indoors. The IP40 code indicates the protection class. It indicates that the charger is protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter of 1.0 mm or more (4), but has no special protection against water (0).