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    Product description
  • Carrera RC Mini Turnator Pink

  • Turnator

  • Cool stunts in pink

  • Approx. 16 cm long

  • 6 years and up

  • Pink stunts for all!

    The Carrera RC Turnator family has a long tradition of tough tricks and spectacular stunts. The luminescent-pink Carrera RC Mini Turnator gives you an even more striking appearance, guaranteeing you're centre stage in your own stunt show
  • in the garden, or out in the park. 360° flips, other flip action stunts and high-speed twists all kick up the dust
  • and for you they're easiest tricks around.

    In the garden and in the park

    The compact Turnator is around 16 cm long and fits easily into a backpack. The ever-ready Li-Ion battery powers up to 15 minutes of action. 2.4 GHz radio technology allows the Turnator to show off his stunning tricks alongside 15 other vehicles, fearing no rival
  • fearing no challenge.
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      Ready to run
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      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
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      Up to 6 km/h
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      Driving time: 15 min
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      Charging time: 60 min
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      Rechargeable battery
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      Turnator M
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      16 x 16.5 x 7.5 cm
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