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    Product description
  • Carrera RC Team Sonic, Sonic

  • Sonic

  • Sonic speed with Carrera RC

  • Approx. 27cm long

  • 6 years and up

  • Sonic the cult blue hedgehog with Carrera RC

    Sonic the cult blue hedgehog is ready for Carrera RC racing action and shows he's not just fast on his feet. He goes head-to-head with any rival in his silver-and-blue racing car, so there's never any doubt who's the world's fastest hedgehog.

    Sonic speed and red-hot races

    This stylish car is fitted with LED headlights to thrill racers and spectators alike. Sonic's car is around 27cm long and its pneumatic tyres guarantee safe passage across all surfaces. Drivers age 6 years and up join up with Sonic and friends for up to 20 minutes of red-hot racing
  • driven by the LiFePo4 power unit and batteries. This car is 'Ready-to-run, straight from the box!
    • Ready to run
      Uses 2.4 GHz technology
      Full Function
      Automatic off
      Up to 9 km/h
      Driving time: 20 min
      Charging time: 50 min
      Length: 27.2 cm
      Rechargeable battery
      27.2 x 14 x 8.9 cm
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