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Online-Shop Exclusive: Best of Racing Vol.4

Welcome to the latest highlight of the "Best of Racing" Digital 132 series, exclusively available in our online shop! This time, we're bringing you an unparalleled racing experience right to your home, with three outstanding race cars and an optimal track for instant racing fun. Discover an offer that is unparalleled in terms of price and performance and let yourself be carried away by the dynamism and fascination of Carrera.

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Ready for Pole Position – The Comprehensive Set!

Everything you need to get started!


Look forward to our 6.2 meter long racetrack with practical side stripes and three extraordinary racing cars are waiting to be put to the test by you. To enjoy the racing experience even longer, an additional 10 spare grinders are included in the set. Get our set now and be ready for high-speed racing and unforgettable experiences!

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Lamborghini Huracán GT3

"Grasser Racing Team, No.82"


Aerodynamic excellence on the racetrack!


The 1:32 scale Lamborghini Huracán GT3, proud member of the "Grasser Racing Team", impresses with its aerodynamic shape and is a true master of corners. This precision model has front and rear lighting that makes it an eye-catcher even during night races. His success in the GT Championship speaks volumes about his superiority on the track.

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Ferrari 365 P2



Classic elegance in racing format!


A highlight for Ferrari enthusiasts, the Ferrari 365 P2 "No.10" brings the historic racing tradition directly to your Carrera track. This 1:32 scale model not only impresses with its faithful workmanship, but also with its front and rear lights, which add a touch of glamour to every race.

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McLaren 720S GT3

"Jenson Rocket Team JRN, No.2"


Modern technology meets pure racing passion!


With the McLaren 720S GT3 "Jenson Team Rocket JRN, No.2" you get a real powerhouse on the racetrack. Thanks to its 720 hp and extensive experience on the racetracks of this world, this car is a guarantee for excitement and adrenaline. Its detailed replica on a scale of 1:32, including front, rear and brake lights, ensures an incomparable racing feeling, guaranteed racing fun in every situation!

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The perfect track to start the racing fun!

Get ready for unforgettable races!


Our 6.2 metre long racetrack, with dimensions of 2.65m x 1.40m, offers the perfect backdrop for thrilling duels and spectacular overtaking manoeuvres. With room for up to 6 players, you'll be the host of unforgettable racing evenings. Discover the Carrera experience and prove on the track that you were born to be a champion!

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    Product description

    • Best of Racing Vol. 4

    • Carrera DIGITAL 132

    • Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren in one set

    • Scale 1:32

    • From 8 years


    Three masterpieces, one ultimate racing set!

    Experience the adrenaline and precision of motorsport with the "Best of Racing" set from Carrera DIGITAL 132. Immerse yourself in the world of speed with the aerodynamic Lamborghini Huracán GT3 "Grasser Racing Team, No.82", feel the historic elegance of the Ferrari 365 P2 "No.10", and marvel at the futuristic technology of the McLaren 720S GT3 "Jenson Rocket Team JRN, No.2". Each of these cars, equipped with 1:32 scale front and rear lighting, represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and racing tradition.

    High-speed action on the track!

    The 6.2-metre-long racetrack included in the set opens up the perfect arena for heated races and spectacular manoeuvres. Feel the thrill of every corner and the tension on the straights as you overtake your opponents and crown yourself the winner. Gather your friends and family for unforgettable evenings of racing and experience the unbridled joy of racing together in a world full of speed and excitement.

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      With lights
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      Up to 6 players
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      Track length 6.2 m
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      Change lane / overtake
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      Individual program
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      265 x 140 cm
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