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Online-Shop Exclusive: Best of Racing Vol.3

Explore the latest highlight of the "Best of Racing" Digital 132 series, exclusively available in our online store! Immerse yourself in the ultimate racing adventure with three spectacular racing cars, complemented by a perfectly tuned track that invites you to race off immediately. Experience outstanding value for money, which makes this set a must-have for any racing fan. Get into the fast lane with thrilling duels and feel the pure excitement that only Carrera can offer!

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Ready for action-packed racing fun!


With the 6.2-metre-long racetrack included in the set, which is extensively equipped with side stripes, and three unique racing cars, the door to the Carrera racing world opens! To ensure that the fun never stops, the set also includes 10 spare grinders. Grab it now and let yourself be carried away by high-speed racing action and unforgettable racing moments!

Lamborghini Huracán

"Magnus Racing, No.11"


Technical perfection meets racetrack!


The Lamborghini Huracán GT3 "Magnus Racing, No.11" brings Italian flair and aerodynamic perfection to the Carrera racetrack. His successes in the GT Championship are a testament to his skills, which you can now experience right in your living room. Equipped with cool front and rear lighting, this 1:32 scale slot car offers thrilling racing action and captivating overtaking manoeuvres in every race.

Dodge Charger 500



NASCAR in a class of its own!


Discover the power of a real American muscle car with the Dodge Charger 500 "No.71". Inspired by the classic designs of the '60s and '70s and driven by NASCAR success, this 1:24 scale model brings the true racing spirit right to your racetrack. The detailed reproduction and dynamic driving characteristics make every race an experience and enable you to overcome any opponent with skill and speed!

Ford GT Race Car



Historic design meets high-tech sports cars!


The Ford GT Race Car "No.66" stands for a perfect symbiosis of historical heritage and forward-looking technology. Inspired by the legendary victory of the Ford Mustang in 1985, this 1:32 scale vehicle represents not only the spirit of competition, but also the triumph of engineering. It is both a challenge and a pleasure to chase this powerful vehicle around the racetrack.

The ideal racetrack to dive straight into the racing fun!

All set for your ride to victory!


This 6.2 meter long track, which has construction dimensions of 2.65m x 1.40m, is your gateway to exciting racing adventures. With enough space for up to 6 players, it's the perfect stage to show off your racing skills. Immerse yourself in the Carrera experience and show on the track that you were born to be a champion!

    Product description


    • Best of Racing Vol. 3


    • Carrera DIGITAL 132


    • Dodge, Lamborghini and Ford in one set


    • Scale 1:32


    • From 8 years



      Three icons, one legendary experience

      Experience the fascination of motorsport with the "Best of Racing" set of Carrera DIGITAL 132. Immerse yourself in the world of American muscle cars with the Dodge Charger 500 "No.71", feel the Italian perfection in the Lamborghini Huracán "Magnus Racing, No.11", and experience the innovative power of the Ford GT Race Car "No.66". Each of these models represents an exceptional blend of design, performance and racing history.

      Fast-paced fun on every route

      With the 6.2-metre racetrack included in the set, thrilling duels and breathtaking races become a reality. Master the challenge of tight corners, accelerate on the straights and overtake your opponents with skill and tactics. Invite your friends to unforgettable races and determine the champion in a world of speed, strategy and unparalleled motorsport experiences.


      With lights
      Up to 6 players
      Track length 6.2 m
      Change lane / overtake
      Individual program
      265 x 140 cm
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