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Carrera GO!! Challenge - Sonic

Experience the unbridled speed and thrill of the Carrera GO!! - Challenge Sonic set. Control Sonic and his lightning-fast "Speed Star" vehicle over the high-speed track with exciting banked turns, fly-overs and a cool loop. Whether you're a Sonic fan, looking for an action-packed toy for young racers, or just on the hunt for unparalleled driving fun, this set offers entertainment and excitement for all ages.

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The exciting scope of delivery, at a glance!

Experience fast-paced action with Sonic on the track!


Experience pure racing action at home with the Carrera GO!! - Challenge Sonic Set. The 6-metre track features banked turns, a stylish blue loop and fly-overs that will put your racing skills to the test. With the innovative timer rail and lap counter, you can take your racing experience to a whole new level. The Sonic decorations give your race the special charm of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Take a seat in your 1:43 scale Speed Star vehicle and start an exciting racing adventure!

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Sonic the Hedgehog

"Sonic Speed Star"


The ultimate speed icon!


Experience the fascination of the legendary blue hedgehog at top speed! This detailed 1:43 scale slot car, licensed by SEGA, brings the signature Sonic look from Team Sonic Racing right into your home. Sonic comes out on top when it comes to top speed and unparalleled racing feeling. With its distinctive design, you'll be immersed in the exciting world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Let yourself be inspired by Sonic's power and speed and start a fast-paced racing adventure now!

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The all-new Challenge feature

Racing fun redefined!


Experience the thrill of Carrera Challenge sets with the all-new Challenge mode. Set the timer to 30, 45 or 60 seconds and try to complete as many rounds as possible during this time. The timer rail stops your car when the time is up, while the lap counter keeps track of each complete lap. Whether alone or in alternating competition with friends, this mode brings excitement and competition to your races. Become the master of time and challenge yourself as you keep improving your lap records. Experience a fascinating, brand new facet of slot car racing!

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6 meters of pure Sonic racing fun

The ultimate race track for Sonic fans!


The Carrera GO!! Challenge "Sonic" track extends over an impressive length of 6 meters and has construction dimensions of 2.03 m x 0.75 m. On this circuit, you'll experience fast-paced action with a stylish blue loop, nerve-wracking fly-overs and challenging banked turns. The innovative timer track and precise lap counter record your performance, while the sonic decorative elements create an authentic atmosphere. Invite your friends, challenge them to a challenge and enjoy exciting competitions on this unique race track!

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    Product description


    go!!! CHALLENGE

    Toy Sonic

    Scale 1:43

    From 6 years


    Sonic in the frenzy of speed

    The Carrera GO!! Challenge "Sonic" set catapults fans of the blue video game hedgehog into a new dimension of speed. With his super-fast "Speed Star" vehicle, the iconic Sonic, known as Super Sonic, shoots across the high-speed racetrack. The licensed car from SEGA resembles the original from Team Sonic Racing down to the smallest detail - a true Sonic toy that inspires enthusiasm.


    A track full of challenges for Super Sonic

    The Carrera Challenge - Sonic track has everything Sonic needs to unleash his record-breaking speed. In addition to fast-paced high-speed tracks, it includes challenging banked turns, an exciting fly-over and a stylish blue loop. The built-in lap counter with Challenge-Mode timer function spurs on your Challenger ambition on the Sonic Carrera track.

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      Track length 6 m
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      203 x 75 cm
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