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Carrera GO!! Challenge - Hot Wheels ™

Experience high-speed action with the Carrera GO!! Challenge - Hot Wheels ™ Set. This set offers thrilling racing with the iconic "Hot Wheels ™ - Night Shifter ™" vehicle on a 6-meter track equipped with challenging banked turns and an impressive loop. Ideal for Hot Wheels ™ lovers and racing fans looking for thrills and entertainment in their home.

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Full driving pleasure included in the scope of delivery

Your racing adventure starts here!


Get ready for thrilling Hot Wheels ™ action! This set includes a versatile 6 meter long race track with loops and banked corners that will make the racing heart beat faster. The focus is on the Hot Wheels ™ - Night Shifter ™, which impresses with its striking look. With the timer rail and the lap counter, you can put your driving skills to the test and compete with yourself in exciting races.   The set is complemented by original Hot Wheels™ decorative elements that round off the racing experience.

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Hot Wheels ™ Night Shifter ™

The epitome of hotwheels  ™ performance and design!


Race to the top of the racing world with the Hot Wheels ™ - Night Shifter ™. Recreated at 1:43 scale, this slot car captures the unmistakable character of Hot Wheels ™.  With its sporty design and eye-catching details, the Night Shifter ™ is ready to conquer any race track. Ideal for fans of high-speed action and for those who want to experience the adrenaline rush of racing at home.

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Challenge Mode: Timed racing action!

Experience the thrill of racing against time!


Explore Carrera GO's innovative challenge mode!! Challenge - Hot Wheels ™ Sets that take your racing fun to a new level. Rise to the challenge by setting the timer to 30, 45 or 60 seconds and try to complete as many laps as possible in this short time. The special timer track automatically brings the race to an end when the time runs out, and the lap counter records every lap completed. This mode is perfect for those who want to hone their skills in solo racing or compete against friends in alternating exciting duels.

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6 meters of racetrack action: Every turn is an adventure!

Experience unforgettable moments on a unique racetrack!


The Carrera GO!! Challenge - Hot Wheels ™ track offers an exciting racetrack experience on a length of 6 meters and measuring 2.03 m x 0.75 m. This track is equipped with a distinctive orange Hot Wheels ™ loop, challenging banked turns and adrenaline-pumping fly-overs. The innovative timer and precise lap counter accompany each of your laps, while the authentic Hot Wheels ™ decorative elements create a breathtaking racing atmosphere. Enjoy fast-paced races and challenge friends on this unique race track.

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    Product description

    Hot Wheels ™

    go!!! CHALLENGE

    Hot Wheels ™ Toys

    Scale 1:43

    From 6 years


    Experience pure Hot Wheels ™ Action


    Immerse yourself in the Hot Wheels ™ action right in your home with the all-new Carrera GO!! CHALLENGE - Hot Wheels ™ Set. On the 6-meter-long high-speed race track, the iconic "Hot Wheels - Night Shifter ™" races around the curves at breathtaking speed and masters the impressive Hot Wheels ™ looping. The integrated lap counter with timer function presents you with an exciting challenge: How many laps can you complete in the short time? Experience fast-paced racing action and unforgettable driving fun on this unique Hot Wheels ™ racetrack."


    Carrera GO!! CHALLENGE - Much more than just racing


    "The Carrera GO!! CHALLENGE - Hot Wheels ™ Set offers much more than exciting races. Show off your driving skills in the 1 Player Action mode, whether as a single player or in alternating competition with a friend. Venture into RACE AGAINST THE CLOCK mode and complete as many laps as you can on the Hot Wheels ™ racetrack in a limited amount of time - with different race durations of 30, 45 and 60 seconds per challenge, respectively. With Carrera GO!! CHALLENGE you will experience racing fun and thrills on the ultimate Hot Wheels ™ High Speed race track.

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      Track length 6 m
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      203 x 75 cm
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