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    Product description
  • Cool Carrera GO!!!! Race track "Disney* Pixar Cars Mud Racing" with two slot cars

  • Carrera GO!!!

  • With Disney* Pixar Cars decorative elements and action accessories for great racing fun

  • 5.4 metres

  • From 6 years

  • The finest mud battle

    The two film heroes from Disney* Pixar Cars are also not afraid to battle in a match on muddy tracks. Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm are arch rivals and will always have an exciting duel whenever possible. This rally circuit is just as suitable as an asphalted circuit

    Let no victory be left to chance

    Now you have to make up your mind. Steer the old movie hero Lightning McQueen or try to get the new Star Jackson Storm past the finish line as the winner. No matter which slot car on a scale of 1:43 you choose, they both have to step up to the challenge on the 5.3-metre-long Carrera GO!!! and overcome a route littered with obstacles. The race track on a scale of 1:43 tries to throw the drivers off track with a looping section and a fly-over. If you don't press the turbo button on the speed controller in time, that will also happen. In addition to the slot cars, the two controllers and the race track, the set also contains a transformer, decorative elements and accessories for the race track.
      Up to 2 players
      Track length 5.4 m
      192 x 60 cm
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