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    Product description
  • 90° corners to extend the race tracks on a scale of 1:43

  • DIGITAL 143, GO!!! Plus, GO!!!

  • For more action on the race track

  • Package contents: 2 pieces

  • The 90° corner – a special challenge

    If you want to drive through the 90° section undamaged, you should definitely reduce your speed beforehand. Otherwise, the race car will land safely outside the race track or in a net or on a tyre pile attached to the lane. The same applies to your slot car on your Carrera race track. Brake your car before the corner, hit the apex and then accelerate your car out of the corner. This set contains two 1/90° corners. Both the length and the width of the track is 228 mm and come on a scale of 1:43. You can use the pieces for the Carrera DIGITAL 143, Carrera GO!!! and the Carrera GO!!! Plus. With these corners, you’ll be sure to bring action to every race.
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