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    Product description
  • BMW M1 Procar ‘BMW Zol'Auto, No.72’ 24h, 1981

  • DIGITAL 132

  • Front, rear & brake lights

  • Original BMW licence

  • 1:32-scale

  • Age 8 years & up

  • An old-school classic

    This BMW M1 classic appears in the Zol’Auto livery, bearing the race number 72, and went pedal-to-the-metal at the legendary French venue for 24-hour racing. Team BMW Zol’Auto’s 1981-season drivers were Pierre-François Rousselot, François Sérvanin and Laurent Ferrier. The BMW M1 Procar ‘BMW Zol'Auto, No.72’ 24h, 1981 is a popular choice with its timeless 1980s design and strikingly colourful livery.

    Good times never go out of fashion

    The Carrera DIGITAL 132 BMW M1 Procar ‘BMW Zol'Auto, No.72’ 24h, 1981 slot car brings the good old days of long-distance motor racing back to bedroom and living room circuits. The distinctive shape of this famous racing car takes everyone back in time. The car livery adds a refreshing splash of colour and the slot car thrills crowds with its front, rear and brake lights. The original BMW reproduction licence permits perfect replication of the iconic rainbow livery. The Carrera car can be individually coded and digitally controlled, guaranteeing fans hours of driving fun.

      With lights
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