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  • BMW M1 Procar 1980
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132 CARS
  • Front and rear lights as well as brake lights, original BMW license
  • Scale 1:32
  • From 8 years

  • A hot duel in the fifth race!
    In 1980, German racing driver Hans Heyer became champion in DRM, the forerunner of the DTM, with the GS-Tuning racing team. At the same time, he drove the BMW M1 Procar in the series of the same name and, despite a crash at Hockenheim, was able to secure 7th place in the overall standings with racing legend Hans Joachim Stuck. On the Carrera DIGITAL 132 race track, you can skilfully steer the BMW M1 Procar "Denim, No.81" 1980 around the corners and hopefully race across the finish line without an accident. This is how a real BMW with history drives around your own race track. In addition, our BMW impresses with its cool, true-to-the-original design and will make your opponents despair. Steer safely through corners and finish and take the victory! Bayerische Motorenwerke
    BMW has long proven itself in motorsport, whether in the DTM or in GT motorsport in general, BMW is a fixture in motorsport. But BMW also has pure racing to offer end customers. The M models from the Bavarian manufacturer can be purchased as normal and testify to high performance. The original of our BMW M1 has already had many races and has proven its skills many times. With its unique design and sleek shape, the car is reminiscent of the races of the 1980s. Bring a piece of motorsport history home with our little double of the original and win hot races against your friends and competitors!
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