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    Product description
  • US sports car Corvette C7 GT3

  • DIGITAL 132

  • With the exclusive Chevrolet license

  • Scale 1:32

  • From 8 years

  • One of the best-known American sports cars in the GT version

    Everyone has heard of the Corvette before. The Corvette C7 GT3, the successor to the successful Corvette Z06.R GT3 model was developed by Callaway Competition and again showed an impressive performance last season. This powerful sports car, which is popular around the globe has already reached its seventh edition. The model bears the name Corvette C7. Of course, the sports car is also making moves on the race track, too. In the GT3 version only the chassis, lower wishbones, the upper half of the rear section and the rear lights were taken over from the standard version. The engine is a revised version of the predecessor, while all other parts were newly developed. With 600 bhp, the model with a V8 naturally aspirated engine and sequential 6-speed gearbox also demonstrates its power at the GT Championship on the Red Bull Ring. In the ADAC GT Masters, the Corvette has already shown what it can do.

    Does the Corvette deliver such performance on your Carrera race track?

    The performance of the Corvette can be adjusted on the Carrera race track itself. Thanks to the fact that individual coding is available, speed and braking effects can be adjusted in ten stages. The original license from GM allows for the slot car to mirror its bigger role model, right down to the last detail. Equipped with headlights, rear and brake lights, each driver tries to ensure that the competition only sees the rear lights of the Corvette. The slot car on a scale of 1:32 is also digitally controllable, so you can easily overtake your opponents.
      With lights
      14.38 x 6.35 x 3.76 cm
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