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    Product description
  • Carrera DIGITAL 124 Advent calendar Lola T70 MKIIIb kit
  • DIGITAL 124
  • Front, rear and brake lights
  • 1:24-scale
  • 8 years and up

  • Do-It-Yourself slotcar
    The Carrera DIGITAL 124 Lola T70 MKIIIb slotcar is available as a kit and ready for the racetrack after 24 steps. In 1965, the British racing car manufacturers at Lola designed the LolaT70 as a 2-seater racer for the unlimited Group 7 sportscar racing series in England and the USA. The Lola T70 is still considered one of Britain's most successful racing cars, although only just over 100 were ever built.

    For lovers of detail at Advent
    In just 24 steps there's a slotcar version of the British racing car ready for your living room motordrome. This kit includes all electronics, circuit boards with decoders, LEDs presized with cables - ready to be fitted. No knowledge of electronics is necessary. Assembly is simple and requires just the screwdriver and original Revell glue included in the box. Fans of British motorsports with an eye for detail can use the original Revell paint and brush, add decals with important logos and text to create a unique 1:24-scale Carrera slotcar. The detailed assembly and operating instructions supplied with the box ensure you know exactly what to do next.

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      With lights
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      Change lane / overtake
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