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Can I run DIGITAL 124 cars on a Pro-X circuit?
No. Carrera DIGITAL 124 cars are not compatible with Carrera Pro-X equipment..
Can the DIGITAL 124/132 Black Box (30344) also be used for PRO-X cars?
No, the DIGITAL 124/132 Black Box produced from 2009 on has no PRO-X mode.
Can Pro-X and DIGITAL 132 points be used at the same time in a DIGITAL 132 system?
This is only possible with a Black Box produced up to 2008. Black Boxes produced from 2009 (30344) no longer have Pro-X mode .
Can PRO-X and Digital 132 cars be run on a Digital 132 circuit at the same time?
No, since the new DIGITAL 132 Black Box no longer offers PRO-X mode.
Can all PRO-X cars run on Digital 132?
No, as the new DIGITAL 132 Black Box no longer offers PRO-X mode. You can upgrade your PRO-X cars by installing the correct Digital Decoder.
Can PRO-X cars be re-equipped to work on the Digital 132 system?
Yes, if the PRO-X circuit board is exchanged for a suitable Digital 132 circuit board. This requires specific soldering skills.
Are the Digital 132 hand-held control sets identical to the PRO-X controls? Can I continue to use PRO-X controls in a Digital 132 Black Box without limitations?
The Digital 132 and PRO-X hand-held control sets are identical. The only difference is the colour of the housing. PRO-X hand-held control sets can be used for Digital 132 and vice-versa.
What has to be changed on an existing PRO-X circuit in order to use the Digital 132 technology?
The Digital 132 black box (30344), points, cars and pit stop lane (if present) must all be exchanged.
Are there edging strips for all track types?
Yes, edging strips have been produced for all 1:24 track types since 2005; these are the Exclusiv, Evolution, Pro-X, Digital 132 and Digital 124. The only exception is the old flyover (up to 2004).