Disney / Pixar Cars
Lightning McQueen turns on the speed!

Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli burn rubber around Carrera racetracks.
The heroes of the Disney/Pixar Cars films have made the jump from the big screen to the world’s most famous slot racing circuit once again in 2014. Francesco Bernoulli and Lightning McQueen, the stars of Disney/Pixars Cars, light up children’s eyes and even illuminate the racetrack itself. These highly detailed cars are impressively powerful racers and have sensational lighting that makes the performance of the screen stars all the more stunning.
Fly-overs, loops and junctions are guaranteed to get even the youngest Carrera drivers into a sweat during action-packed racetrack battles. Stylish decor elements import an authentic ‘Cars‘ atmosphere into living rooms around the world and give all Carrera fans a unique opportunity to have their own special Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli adventures.
More information is available on the official website: Disney’s official website
Item no.27353
Disney/Pixar Cars "Lightning McQueen"
Item no.27354
Disney/Pixar Cars "Francesco Bernoulli"
Item no.27404
Disney/Pixar Cars "Max Schnell"
Item no.30555
Disney/Pixar Cars "Lightning McQueen"
Item no.30556
Disney/Pixar Cars "Francesco Bernoulli"
Item no.30613
Disney/Pixar Cars "Max Schnell"
Item no.61183
Disney/Pixar Cars "Hook"
Item no.61184
Disney/Pixar Cars "Sally"
Item no.61193
Disney/Pixar Cars "Lightning McQueen"
Item no.61194
Disney/Pixar Cars "Francesco Bernoulli"
Item no.61198
Disney/Pixar Cars "Raoul ÇaRoule"
Item no.61251
Disney/Pixar Cars "Security Finn McMissile"
Item no.61290
Disney/Pixar Cars Silver Max Schnell
Item no.61291
Disney/Pixar Cars Silver Lightning McQueen
Item no.61292
Disney/Pixar Cars Silver Francesco Bernoulli
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