WIRELESS+ is the talk of the digital slot racing world!
The new 2.4 GHz wireless controllers that will be released later this year are just what the racers have been asking for. The greatly improved connection to the track and increased range allow slot racing like never before.

The hand throttles recharge via a double or single recharging pad that plugs into the Adapter Unit track section. With a short 1 hour charging time and about 8 hours of racing time you will not need to wait long to get your cars on the track and race them wirelessly. Slot racers will have several options to choose from when buying the new wireless hand throttles in a set. 10109 is the Duo set of controllers that comes complete a pair of controllers, recharging pad for a pair of controllers, the Adapter Unit track, border pieces and a WIRELESS+ receiver.  The 10110 set is a single controller, recharging pad for a single controller, Adapter Unit track, border pieces and a WIRELESS+ receiver. Also available in the 10111 single controller and 1 extra thumb button.  All the sets come with a Lithium-Polymer battery for each controller.

>watch the video showing the programming and use of the new 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ hand throttles on YouTube

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