Historic F1 season!

This year Carrera brings you the top 3 teams and the hottest drivers!
Formula 1 has never been more exciting! The 2012 season has seen more different winners than ever. This year Carrera brings you the top 3 teams and the hottest drivers. The Champion for 2011 Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull (30628), the McLaren Mercedes driven by everyone’s favorite driver with the yellow helmet (30599) and of course Fernando Alonso in his Scuderia Ferrari (30626). From this trio of drivers a champion will surely be crowned!

All three cars feature the decoration from the 2011 season, the Red Bull and Ferrari are the body from the 2011 season. The cars are true to life in every feature, the sponsor logos are all there and the decoration right down to the driver’s helmets are correct.

On the track the cars perform like their real life counterparts. Acceleration is super quick and cornering is even faster the super-soft compound tires and two large, fixed position bar magnets help the car stick to the track and give the car an “on rails” appearance in cornering. Front and rear wings detach so if there is an accident the fine details on the nose and rear of the car are less likely to be permanently damaged.

Whether you buy the new Formula 1 Carrera slot cars to race them or if you prefer to just collect the most highly detailed F1 slots on the market, Carrera’s give you both the best value and best quality. The rest of the season should be the most exciting ever! Keep watching and racing your Carrera slot cars!

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