Formula 1 kicks off with Carrera

When the engines are roaring, the cars are shining and pretty ladies are cheering on the drivers – it’s time for Formula 1 racing!
The FIA Formula One World Championship – or Formula 1 for short – is the world’s undisputed supreme motor racing series. Justifiably so! The drivers are expected to test their driving expertise to the limits and the constructors have to tease the maximum performance from their technology.

1950 was the first year cars could be seen in thrilling Formula 1 race action. For the first time the new season, beginning on the 18th of March, is to feature 20 races. After a break of 5 years the Formula 1 tour will be making a stop in the US for the Grand Prix in Austin, Texas! The Red Bull Racing team is sending Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber out onto the grid. The Scuderia Ferrari stable is being represented on the track by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and there’s no way McLaren’s Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton can be ignored!

An authentic racing feel on the Carrera circuit
Maybe you’ll be able to give two-time world champion Sebastian Vettel a great view of your tail end as you take on the role of Mark Webber on the Carrera circuit. Get inside the head of your racing driver on the Carrera racetrack as you do battle for victory!
Since 2010 there have been tighter rules for Formula 1 competitors. There are no more fuel stops during a race. The drivers have to exercise great skill in the pursuit of victory as the fuel level affects the weight of the cars and consequently the lap times. Take up the challenge and regulate the fuel level via the Driver Display with Carrera DIGITAL 124 and DIGITAL 132 to influence the course of each race!

Set up famous Formula 1 circuits in your living room!
Every single one of the Formula 1 circuits presents its own challenges to the drivers. You have the chance to experience this sensation yourself as we have included some Formula 1 circuit layouts for your own races!

The exact race dates can be found in our event calendar!

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