Carrera World Final!

The new Carrera World Champion: Erich Öhler
Superlative motorsport action: The Carrera World Final at the Nürburgring saw exciting head-to-head duels between the competitors right until the end. The new Carrera World Champion is Erich Öhler. The Austrian emerged as the winner of the ADAC Zurich 24h Race at the Nürburgring in the 18+ age category against 14 competitors from 12 countries, and can now look forward to a holiday in Abu Dhabi as well as a place in Carrera's renowned "Hall of Fame". Dominik Mühlberg (Germany) secured second place, while Tobias Radlinger (Germany) and Antal Toth (Hungary) were awarded 3rd and 4th place respectively.

After exciting preliminaries, the remaining drivers met at 17:30 for the final round to determine who would become Carrera World Champion. There was tension in the air, with strong nerves and calm thumbs set to determine the winner. After a spectacular race on the almost 40m-long Carrera racetrack, victory or defeat ultimately came down to just a few hundredths of a millimetre. Nevertheless, the atmosphere among all the participants was fair and friendly.
The final result after 24 laps at the big Carrera World Final:

    1. Erich Öhler: 230,534 (Austria)
    2. Dominik Mühlberg: 251,089 (Germany)
    3. Tobias Radlinger: 258,375 (Germany)
    4. Antal Toth: 265,003 (Hungary)
Semi-final A:

1.    Tobi Radlinger 121,072
2.    Antal Toth 126,256
3.    Zhang You Wie 135,472
4.    Josep Altisent Perera 164,858

Semi-final B:

1.    Erich Öhler 116,374
2.    Dominik Mühlberg 116,972
3.    Andreas Loth 117,914
4.    Lukas Kern 133,613

Results 5-8:
Zhang You Wie, Josep Altisent Perera, Andreas Loth und Lukas Kern

Results 9-12:
Alex Faracchio,Michael Eusterholz, Jacek Jakubowski, Alvin Mc Cloud

Results 13-14  (1st Qualifying-Outs):
Ricky Chan (240,599) und Laurent Macherfert (274,952)

The starting shot for the Carrera World Cup was fired in September 2014. In Germany and Austria alone, the world's racetrack market leader visited eight cities to find the Carrera champions in the two German-speaking countries. But Carrera fans in many other countries, too, had to show nerves of steel and prove their driving skills in order to qualify for the Carrera World Final.
And even if the Carrera World Final 2015 was the highpoint in this year's Carrera racing calendar, slot car fans can still look forward to the next Carrera World Final!
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