Carrera DIGITAL 132 Chevrolet Corvette C6R Luc Alphand Aventures "No. 72", Le Mans 2010

The Chevy Corvette is the American sports car.
Over the years the Corvette had placed highly in every type of racing it has competed in, Le Mans, SCCA, and endurance races around the world. Carrera reproduces the Corvette C6.R Luc Alphand Adventures #72 from Le Mans 2010. This highly detailed replica of the Corvette is done this time in a striking white/black/silver decoration. Everywhere you look on the car there are details at admire: the markings for the arrows calling attention to the hood pins, the yellow headlight lenses, and the huge aerodynamic diffuser one the back end of the car are all there for the true fan of this iconic modern GT racer to enjoy.

On the slot track the Carrera Corvette C6.R performs at a very high level. The low center of gravity, the wide front and read end make the car highly stable during cornering. Those performance characteristics make it an excellent choice for the beginning slot racer as well as the experienced racer looking for an edge over the competition.

Two fixed magnets inside the chassis and fat 10mm wide rear tires give both good cornering and excellent straight away speed. The standard E200 motor provides power to the 9z pinion and 27z crown gears.

A new guide system gives more side-to-side play in the guide which allows more "drift" for the car around the corners which improves overall performance. This latest Corvette's chassis is updated but it still fits the previous Corvette C6.R's that have been released by Carrera since the first release in 2007.

For DIGITAL 132 racers the headlights show the way and light up the yellow headlight lenses giving this Corvette a unique look on the track for night time racing. The 30580 is the second of three releases of the Corvette C6.R this year along with the previously DIGITAL132 #30529 "No Prisoners" Corvette, and upcoming #30581 "Corvette Racing" yellow and black decoration featuring the "Jake" logo.

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