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Super Formula Racing

N° d'art. 20025313
Dans l'assortiment: 2004
200x80 cm
4,50 m

The Formula 1 season 2002 turned out to be a demonstration of drivers´ skills and technical abilities never experienced before. The red racers from Maranello won just as they liked with the WilliamsF1 BMW being the only team capable to keep up with this speed. With this set Carrera offers the possibility to play the most thrilling duels of the 2002 season. This basic set with 14.76 feet of track includes a Ferrari F2002 V10 “No.1” and a WilliamsF1 BMW FW24 2003 Livery Car No.3. The unique combination of 1:24 track and 1:32 scale cars allows the optimum slide and drift into the bends. The combination of the track surface and width, together with the optional, diagonally positioned magnet unit and the variable magnet system enables the cars to achieve this realistic drifting action.

Thème de course: Formule 1
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