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Super Cars

N° d'art. 20025520
Dans l'assortiment: 2003, 2004
286x109 cm
6,20 m

With 558 hp the Porsche Carrera GT is said to be able to do 206 mph.Alternatively , the 660 hp Ferrari Enzo is capable of 220 mph. The Porsche Carrera GT possess a V10-mid engine, a phenomenon amongst Porsche ´s street sports-cars.The lavishly designed underbody of the Ferrari Enzo has been created from the insights and experiences from Formula 1 engineering.Consequently, so there is no longer any need for large spoilers. In addition to the two 1:32 scale Dream Cars the basic set comes with 20.34 feet of track on the unique scale of 1:24.With help of the variable magnet, the set-up of the cars can be adjusted to the driver´s abilities.

Thème de course: Modern sports cars
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Assortiment annuel 2003