Safety & Quality
Carrera satisfies the high standards!

We have been working together with LGA in Nuremberg for a number of years in order to guarantee our products are safe. All products are tested there to ensure all legal requirements are met as regards toxic content and electrical safety.

Products are tested both at the beginning of a production series as well as in intermediate checks. Proof of a successful test is provided in the form of a certificate and the presence of the safety test sign on the product itself. The execution of these standards in China is ensured under the supervision of a German-managed quality control team.

Carrera satisfies the high standards also set to a large degree by domestic and foreign customers, which ultimately benefit the safety of the consumer.

Both our factories meet the general standards for certification by the ICTI (International Council of Toy Industry). This means all the criteria for humane working conditions have been fulfilled in terms of working hours, wages, minimum age, and the general regulatory framework for health and safety at work.
Alterations to Carrera cars
Any form of changes to, or manipulation of our products whatsoever by third parties is explicitly forbidden for products intended for sale. Both alterations and after-sale equipment upgrades for sale to third parties constitute trademark right violations. Furthermore, such altered and manipulated products have not been inspected and approved according to currently valid legal toy norms. We reserve the right to use any legal means we consider necessary to combat any violation of this kind. We will, in particular enforce all claims related to trademark default, failure to inform and right to compensation.