It's me Mario!

It’s me, Mario! Race around your Carrera circuit with Nintendo Super Mario and his friends.

Make sure everything’s screwed down securely – Super Mario’s here! The world’s most famous plumber and his friends are back with new cars. Mario appears in person in ‘Mario Kart™7 – Mario’, and his best buddy Luigi is here in the ‘Mario Kart™7 – Luigi’. What’s more, Carrera is sending out another two Mario Kart high velocity vehicles onto the racetrack; and they’re good friends of Nintendo’s best-known plumber – ‘Mario Kart™7 – Yoshi’ and ‘Mario Kart™7 – Koopa Troopa’.  As always they race their cars to the limits around Carrera circuits everywhere. Drivers can head off round the bend and tackle the loop at top speed! The decor elements around the racetrack ensure there’s an unmistakeable Mario Kart™ buzz in the air! The 4.9-metre all-action racetrack features bends and loops to encourage Carrera Mario Kart drivers to put their feet to the floor.

The issue of who gets round the track the fastest and crosses the line first is down to the skill of the driver on the controls!