Racing on Mega Tracks
two cars can be run on the race track at the same time two drivers simultaneously analogue racetrack system analogue fixed lane fixed lane
wireless racing fun with up to 15 m range 2.4 GHz Wireless+ additional components enable cars to be run on digital race track systems cars can be upgraded to digital, depending on model the track can be extended by adding additional sections can be extended as you wish


The advantages The advantages
  • Analogue racetrack system - cars mostly ready for digital upgrade
  • For teens, adults and hobbyists from 8 years and up
  • Unique racetrack system combining tracks to race 1:24 and 1:32
    scale cars
  • Track can be expanded from 4-, 6- up to 8-lanes
  • Unlimited extension possibilities with track material scale 1:24
  • Availability of outside shoulders
  • Exciting selection of car models to choose from
Track System 1:24 Track System 1:24
  • Stainless U-profiles using Nirosta high-grade steel
  • No driving vibrations due to rigid synthetic material
  • Stable track system
  • Flexible track connections prevent interruptions in track contact
  • Track can be expanded from 4-, 6- up to 8-lanes
Cars 1:32 Cars 1:32
  • Cars mainly ready for digital upgrade
  • Cars have realistic acceleration and braking action
  • High-quality original detailed and tampo printed cars until 2010 mostly ready with front light and rear light function.
  • Cars partly equipped with patented Variable Magnet System (VMS)
  • Exciting selection of car models to choose from
  • Collectable car models: LIMITED EDITIONS of 1.999 pieces worldwide