Thrilling overtaking action!
three cars can be run on the race track at the same time up to three drivers simultaneously digital racetrack system digital wireless racing fun with up to 15 m range 2.4 GHz Wireless+
jump ramp, see-saw and lots more ensure even more playing enjoyment action accessories lane changing possible lane changing possible cars with blue light possible cars with blue light possible
flashing light possible flashing light possible change lanes and overtake at the push of a button change lanes and overtake at the push of a button


The advantages The advantages
  • Up to 3 cars can race on one track simultaneously!
  • Starter system to the Carrera digital world of racing, scale 1:43
  • Realistic tactical racing in 1:43 scale with the ability to change lanes and overtake
  • Full speed lane-changing and overtaking at the push of a button
  • Cars easily coded with speed controller
  • Compatible with Carrera GO!!! action features and accessories
Track system 1:43 Track system 1:43
  • Unlimited extension possibilities of Carrera DIGITAL 143 with basic track material from Carrera GO!!!
  • Stable race track assembly with heightadjustable supports
  • Red and white printed shoulders on street curves
Cars 1:43 Cars 1:43
  • Individually codable, digitally controlled cars
  • Sturdy and innovative technology suitable for children and racing drivers of 6 years and up
  • All cars are fi tted with double contact brushes
  • Original and detailed cars, tampo printed
  • Attractive car licences and racing themes
Carrera dealer search

Carrera dealer search

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Carrera Real Racing

Carrera Real Racing

Experience the new dimension of Carrera car racing with 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ – radio controlled technology for even more flexibility.
LED Looping set

LED Looping set

Carrera Accessories: check out the brandnew LED loop set with lights and sound!