The Ultimate in Racing
Four cars can be run on the race track at the same time up to four drivers simultaneously digital racetrack system digital lane changing possible lane changing possible
wireless racing fun with up to 15 m range 2.4 GHz Wireless+ cars with lights possible cars with lights possible Je nach Können und Geschicklichkeit des Fahrers kann die Geschwindigkeit, bis zu 10 Stufen, individuell eingestellt werden. Geschwindigkeit individuell einstellbar
change lanes and overtake at the push of a button change lanes and overtake at the push of a button the track can be extended by adding additional sections can be extended as you wish genuine race feeling with an extensive range of DIGITAL accessories digital accessories


The Advantages The Advantages
  • More play value and tactical car races with Carrera DIGITAL 124
  • Carrera DIGITAL 124 real digital racing for up to 4 cars
  • Overtake and change lanes at FULL SPEED with the push of a button
  • Cars easily coded with speed controller
  • Realistic sliding and drifting action
  • Most cars with front light (xenon) and rear/brake light
  • Cars compatible with Exclusiv Series (analog system)
Track system 1:24 Track system 1:24
  • Unique 1:24 scale, tracks and cars with digital technology
  • Wide tracks with power slide shoulders for sensational drifts and power slide action
  • Stainless U-profi les using Nirosta high-grade steel
  • No driving vibrations due to rigid synthetic material
  • Stable track system: Flexible track connecting sections for perfect track contact
  • Track can be expanded from 4-, 6- up to 8-lanes
Cars 1:24 Cars 1:24
  • Big Size: High-quality original detailed and tampo printed cars scale 1:24
  • Individually codable, digitally controlled cars
  • Cars compatible with Exclusiv Series (analog system)
  • Most cars with front light (Xenon) and rear/brake light
  • Cars with polarity switch to change direction
  • Attractive car licences
  • Desirable collectible cars:
    LIMITED EDITIONS of 999 pieces worldwide
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Carrera DIGITAL accessories

Carrera DIGITAL accessories

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Carrera AppConnect

Carrera AppConnect

Use the Carrera AppConnect to link up your DIGITAL 124 or 132 racetrack with your Smartphone/Tablet, and manage all your race and car settings.