Softwareupdate 1.2 for X-Lap

Here’s the latest update for the new 'X-Lap' software (for the PC unit) of Carrera!
Dear Carrera fans,

Here’s the latest update for the new ‘X-Lap’ software for the PC unit! The update includes the following new features:
  • Direct link-up to Control Unit 30352 now possible
  • New automobile database (Car list status 2010)
  • Race end can be set (slot und F1 mode)
  • Synchronisation of displays via use of the Position Tower 30357
  • and lots more...
Operating instructions in German and English are included in the archive in the download.

Note well: The previous version must be completely uninstalled before the new one is installed. If you wish to use the old versions of the driver and car databases in the new software version, please ensure they are saved before the old version is uninstalled.

Unpack the ZIP file and copy the contents into the X-Lap file at: C:\Progamm files\X-Lap (C:\Programme\X-Lap).

Keep on Racing!
Your Carrera Team
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