Carrera races straight into your living room!

Carrera raises motorsport pulses with brand new TV spots...
Now in its 50th year and right in time for the pre-Christmas shopping period Carrera has now launched a TV ad campaign featuring several new spots. At the forefront, as always, is action-packed racetrack fun. The world’s leading manufacturer has an exclusive worldwide Ferrari reproduction license for the racing circuit segment and a licensing partnership with Red Bull, and this year the DTM series has also taken centre stage. Even the youngest of Carrera’s drivers can look forward big name license rides. On top of Spider-Man, the heroes of Disney/Pixar Cars and Nintendo Mario Kart™7, the Ninja Turtles have now also found their way to the grid.

Carrera has just launched two new TV spots for its 1:32 scale cars. The spotlight is firmly on those who love putting the pedal to the metal on some of the most famous circuits in the world. Breathtaking overtaking and high-speed drifts generate a true motor racing atmosphere in living rooms around the world in line with the slogan: ‘Motorsport at home’. The second TV spot for the DIGITAL 132 system focuses on racing fun for the whole family. There’s a wide range of DIGITAL 132 system accessories. One such item is the ‘Position Tower’ that allows every driver to see who’s in the lead at a glance. The ‘Driver Display’ informs each of the drivers about how much fuel is left and the number of pit stops completed to allow to competitors to find the strategy most likely to lead to race success.

The Carrera GO!!! beginners’ system is no less spectacular. There are 5 versions of the TV spot, each covering one of the brand new GO!!! system licenses. Traditional themes like Formula 1 and DTM are joined in the spotlight by high-speed car chases with the police. The famous speed freaks from the Disney/Pixar Cars films are also part of the action again, as is our superhero Spider-Man. The Marvel license enables Spider-Man to chase Green Goblin – his arch enemy – all over the circuit. Great lighting effects make racing in the dark a truly thrilling proposition. For the first time this year the Ninja Turtles are also in on the action with their fantastic Turtle trikes as they race each other around the double loop.

For a full information service on all the new TV spots and sets – go to: Carrera Spots!
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