2014 DTM season roars into action

Carrera launches into the new DTM season
On the 4th of May the Hockenheimring racing circuit will be alive to the screaming of car engines as the new DTM season bursts into action. All those wishing to start the DTM season at home just need to switch on their Carrera racing circuits, push through the accelerator button on their handsets, and a spectacular DTM season will be off again – at top speed!

Tension and thrills are guaranteed, both on the Carrera circuits and out in the real-life motordromes. There have been three big German car manufacturers in the battle for DTM supremacy since BMW returned to DTM racing again two years ago.

Carrera is now pitting two DTM protagonists against each other in the ‘DTM Rivals’ set – Mattias Ekström and Jamie Green – to guarantee uncompromising, red hot racetrack action around this seven-metre, high-speed circuit. Tight bends, a fly-over and high velocity straights are even a challenge for the most experienced Carrera driver, so it’s good to see the wireless control handsets equipped with 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+ technology allow drivers complete freedom of movement around the DIGITAL 132 track. 

Each of the big three German automobile manufacturers has sent one of its finest DTM cars to join the Carrera fleet. First up on the DTM ramp is the BMW M3 DTM driven by Augustos Farfus. The Brazilian contributes the Latin-American temperament, 500 bhp and 4000ccs of cylinder capacity that powered him to the overall DTM championship runner-up’s spot in just his second year of DTM racing.

The Spaniard, Miguel Molina, will be providing unyielding opposition in his fiery red Audi A5 DTM, an incredibly powerful racer specially developed for DTM action, featuring a sequential 6-gear sports gearbox. Its power is drawn from a V8 induction engine with 4 litres of engine capacity that can produce an amazing 460 brake horse power.

The third challenger in the pack is the English driver Garry Paffet in his AMG Mercedes C-Coupé DTM. This car has a lot to live up to – since in 2012 it replaced the most successful DTM racer of all time – the Mercedes C-class.

Who knows who’s going to be the fastest DTM driver around the bends and down the straights at home? However, DTM fun is guaranteed whoever wins.
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