Meet your heroes: Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and many more!

Meet the stars from Cars 3!
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Thrilling duels, highspeed and spectacular race cars in three different scales – just choose your favourite Disney • Pixar Cars 3 toys!

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Here you find all your heroes from the Disney • Pixar Cars movies

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Carrera and Disney Pixar Cars – The perfect film toy
Racing track sets and cars related to Lightning McQueen!

Screen heroes Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Cruz & Co. in top gear

Exciting races are guaranteed when Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm are riding for victory. Only just on the big screen and now already on the Carrera slot racing track!

Carrera brings the cinema hit from the beloved Disney Pixar film series onto the track: children’s eyes will beam as soon as they see their new favourite heroes from the Disney Pixar film on their own race track. And with good reason: the vehicles and sets impress with attention to detail and spectacular speedways. Loopings, fly-overs, crossings, bends as well as high-speed straights make the heart of every racer beat a bit faster. Children can take on the roles of Lightning McQueen, Dinoco Cruz, Hook or even Francesco Bernoulli from the film and will love speeding around the Carrera GO!!!, Carrera DIGITAL 132 and Carrera EVOLUTION race tracks.

Furthermore, special decorative elements bring a unique Disney Pixar Cars feel to the child’s own bedroom: thus fans can experience their own personal adventure.

The stars from the Disney Pixar film series are dashing through the Carrera-Slot!

They are robust, available in different vehicle scales and have been recreated from the originals in the film series with painstaking detail – the Disney Pixar Cars from the animation film in the Carrera Online Shop.

Lightning McQueen

The absolute favourite from the film brings plenty of experience and many victories in the Piston Cup to the race track. Our hero is available in several scales and you can choose from different styles, from cars featuring light to Carbon Design there is something for every child and fans of all ages!

Can you too triumph with number 95?

Dinoco Cruz:

The car from the third instalment is the trainer of Lightning McQueen in the film, but he can also be a real opponent on the Carrera race track. With his striking yellow colour and detailed design, the racing car guarantees an adventurous race.

The “old friends” from Cars 1 and Cars 2 can also be purchased in the Carrera Online Shop:

Francesco Bernoulli:

The number 1 opponent of Lightning McQueen in Cars 2, he impresses with his special underbody lighting and fights for victory on the track at any cost.


The clumsy but lovable Hook is the perfect starter character for children in the racing world!


The best friend of McQueen conquers the race tracks with a scale of 1:43.

Carrera GO!!! Plus

An extra helping of action: With Carrera GO!!! Plus, Carrera GO!!! gets a future-focused system expansion for even more fun playing, with even more action on the track.

  • Racing fun with three modes: training, laps, and pursuits
  • PitStop Game with refuelling, tyre changes, and engine servicing
  • Bluetooth connection to the free app with extra interactive games
  • Motorsport atmosphere with light and sound effects
  • All races playable in single player mode
  • 100% compatible with the Carrera GO!!! system (tracks + vehicles)

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Any questions?

Are all Cars vehicles true to the original?

Yes! Thanks to our Disney • Pixar product license, the small heroes from the movies look the same on the Carrera tracks.

Can I use every car on every Carrera track?

There are different systems which can only be used with the according car.

How do I find the right spare parts for my Carrera track?

Regarding any technical issues, please contact our support team. We are looking forward to help you:

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